Collaborating with others - 鶹ԭ


Collaborating with others

Our Mission: to inspire all students to become confident, ethical and compelling individuals with the aspiration and qualities to shape a better future for all.

At the heart of our mission is creating a living ethos throughout the 鶹ԭ community where we naturally seek to collaborate with others for the greater good of all.  

Not only is collaboration an important element of achieving best practice and continuously striving to improve, but it also affords many different opportunities for each of us to remain open-minded to limitless possibilities.  

As a Teaching School Hub, we are collaborating frequently and effectively with other educational institutions across the country, each learning from each other and raising standards.

We are also growing our collaborative relationships with businesses across the region in order to increase our network of work placement and internship partners. This enables our students to benefit from high-quality hands-on experience as they prepare to transition into the world of work or if they wish to gain practical insight into a particular career path.

Collaborating closely with our sponsors enables us to provide students with a unique insight into numerous different business sectors, working with members of the Society of Merchant Venturers to deliver a coordinated offer of work-based learning and industry knowledge. The University of Bristol is also a highly effective sponsor and partner, working with us to help students prepare for further education, as well as providing students with preferential university places and even scholarships.

Other collaborations taking place within our school community help to improve the work we’re doing around diversity and inclusion. For example, in spring 2021, we were delighted to be invited by the St Paul’s Carnival team to join their discussion about what has changed in our city since the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston. 鶹ԭ students moved from leading the debate about how we manage the legacy of the slave trade within our school, to participating in a city-wide conversation, helping frame and support a healthy discussion.

Students have learnt first-hand that there is a responsibility that comes with having a voice and they embrace opportunities to take part in debates both inside and outside school on a range of topics, including social change and human rights.

Collaborating across many platforms has demonstrated to our students that an integral part of any healthy discussion is being able to respect the views of other people.

Always taking a positive approach enables students to collaborate or campaign FOR something, rather than to protest AGAINST something. We strive for students to see themselves as part of the solution by thinking beyond simply what they don’t want.