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The Consultation Process

In the summer of 2020, 130 students volunteered to play a hands-on role in this important project, several of whom took on leadership roles in the development and delivery of the consultation process. From the outset, students really listened, they recognised the importance of truly being heard and they understood that ultimately making a decision was a big responsibility.

Guided by our school core values of respect, responsibility, curiosity and resilience, students adopted a collaborative approach to designing an open consultation process to encourage city-wide engagement that would help the school community to decide whether to keep or change the name of our school.

With the support of their teachers, a working party of students shaped the public consultation and developed a detailed bank of resources to help others make an informed choice about the school’s name going forward.

A record of the various different stages of the consultation has been retained to inform future students about how the process was developed and delivered. If you’d like to explore this record, please visit the links below.



Process & Timeline

Research Materials & Resources

Looking to the Future